Welcome to WE Alliance Wealth Advisors, Inc.

WE Alliance Wealth Advisors Inc. was created to offer a customized, fiduciary based approach to individuals’ and companies’ wealth planning needs. We provide a comprehensive, integrated wealth management experience that is empowering to each client and one which alleviates many of the fears that traditionally accompany investing.

We take a very comprehensive, but simple, three phase approach to planning. This process results in a fully integrated investment, tax and legal plan that reflects each client’s individual goals.

Alignment of Interests

Wall Street has simply failed most investors due to complicated fee structures and rampant conflicts of interest.

Studies have consistently shown an increase in performance and often a decrease in risk when there is an alignment of interest between each client and each member of their investment team.  In fact, this is a key element in most institutional portfolios such as those utilized by the Yale Endowment.  Institutional investments are overwhelmingly guided by fiduciaries; not sales people.

What is a Fiduciary?  Watch this fun video to learn the important difference between a fiduciary and the typical Wall Street broker or insurance agent.

We believe individuals should also be guided by Fiduciaries who exhibit that same level of commitment and alignment of interest as institutions demand.  WE Alliance Wealth Advisors, Inc. has adopted a fiduciary approach to investing.

WE Alliance is a Registered Investment Advisory firm and we have a fiduciary obligation to each client to act in their best interest.  Advisors at WE Alliance are compensated the same amount regardless of product or portfolios employed.  Further, our founding principal and most of our advisors invest in the same great strategies and investments as we recommend to our valued clients.

Because we are not married to a specific Wall Street product, we can deliver a superior investor experience and we can utilize proper tools and not just those tools that pay the most to the advisor.  It results in a dramatically improve client experience.

Focus on Risk Adjusted Returns

We believe that our job is to protect our clients from unreasonable risks and that many risks, such as stock market risk, can be greatly minimized by proper planning.  After all, it is not about how much you make in a given year but instead about how much risk you took to make a given return.  

If you lived through the tech bust in 2001 – 2002 and the most recent 2008 stock market crash, then you realize that there is real risk in the markets.  Downside protection from stock market returns can be a reality and this can be achieved with shorter term portfolios that do not necessarily rely on expensive indexed annuities (the insurance industries’ expensive answer to risk control).

It takes more work to achieve this but we believe most investors will agree that the work is worth the added piece of mind achieved through this approach to investing.

Control Costs

Costs of all flavors, including our fees, have meaningful impact on your portfolio’s long term value.  Therefore, any fees that do not deliver more value than they cost, should be eliminated if at all possible.  Most mutual funds, often 80% of them or more, cannot meet this standard as they are simply too expensive and therefore cannot even keep up with an indexing approach to investing.   We confidently earn our fees and deliver exceptional risk adjusted returns to each client through our planning process and through the powerful strategies we employ.

We are hired to, among other things, to put a heavy focus on reducing fees for each clients’ portfolios.  This is done by negotiating fee structures as a group with many investment groups (hence the WE in our name) and by pro-actively implementing strategies that reduce or eliminate many types of costs.

Minimize Taxes

Taxes are simply another form of fees.  Pro-active tax planning can be immensely beneficial to each portfolio and to the long term tax impact of your savings.  We are exceptional at tax planning and employ powerful strategies such as the “WE Strategic Roth Conversion” strategy that both protects from downside stock market losses AND provides a powerful Roth Conversion opportunity.  These strategies can add as much as one percent to your returns in a typical year to as much as 9% in an exceptional year.  Let us show you how!


WE Alliance Wealth Advisors traces its roots back to the early 1990’s when its founder, Terry D. Wheeler, J.D. CFP first entered the wealth management business after completing his finance degree with a concentration in Comprehensive Financial Planning from San Diego State University.

Over the years the business has grown and evolved to become one of the top planning firms in the country.  Our firm is a very team oriented group of dedicated advisors, financial assistants, and client service coordinators.  We believe each team member plays a valuable role in assuring the best client experience and performance possible.  What we do for you could not be accomplished without our valued team.



At WE Alliance Wealth Advisors our financial planning firm was founded on the investment premise that downside protection was and is critical to each investor and that income is a key component to successful investing.

Warren Buffet has famously stated there are two rules for investing, “Rule No. 1: Never lose money. Rule No. 2: Never forget rule No. 1”.  People simply work far too hard for their money to have it needlessly evaporate due to stock market downturns.   This is especially true in retirement as there may not be enough time, emotional fortitude or resources, to climb back to the level a retiree needs to sustain their desired standard of living.

We are proud of our rich history of protecting clients in turbulent stock markets and in providing quality income oriented investment opportunities.  The tools, strategies and proprietary solutions we utilize, have served our clients and protected them in down markets while allowing them to capture growth and income opportunities in the good markets.

We offer a fiduciary approach to investing with full transparency of our costs for planning.  Our portfolios range from extremely conservative to moderately aggressive and we maintain a two tiered focus; first, we are biased toward income producing investments and second we invest in the stock market primarily with strategies that give downside protection.

We look forward to the opportunity to illustrate how these strategies can benefit your future and give you piece of mind.  We hope to earn your business for years to come.


We believe education is a key component to understanding a variety of investment strategies and in understanding why some strategies sound good on a commercial but perhaps don’t work so well in reality.